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Pool builder Sellersburg IN

Pool builder Sellersburg IN

Are you looking for a modern pool designer in Sellersburg, IN? Well, look no further-Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools is the most professional poll designer that can help you achieve your swimming pool dreams.

We listen to all our clients and work with them every step of the way to ensure that they get the best pool designs. We use high-quality materials to build your pool and finally, we offer the best landscaping services for the area around the swimming pool.

Why should you choose us

Design the best Swimming Pools and Spas

Our professional designers offer exquisitely designed swimming pool ranges. We build large and spacious competition pools for professional swimmers. We offer you the freedom to choose the extra water features that you need such as a swim jet system for training swimmers.

We also incorporate a water heating system for your pool to ensure that it is usable all year round. Other designs include the modern rectangle, a fud pad, and large benches. Schools and colleges in Indiana have benefitted from our professional pool-building contractors.


Once you have set your mind on building a swimming pool in your yard, you should contact us since our services are pocket friendly. You don’t have to break the bank to afford our services. Our costs are flexible depending on the kind of pool that you need, the design, and additional features such as water slides among others. Feel free to contact Wetscapes Fibreglass Pools for cheap yet high-quality pools.


Our company offers the most efficient services. Once you make the payment, we avail ourselves on the ground and start the work immediately. We do not need you to run around looking for licensing and approval from the authorities. We have already figured that out. Unlike our competitor companies, we ensure that we have the proper channels for making the approval of every stage.

Excellent Customer Service

We have employed professional contractors who go beyond to meet your expectations. We make a follow-up after pool installation to ensure that your swimming pool is in the right working condition. We have a strong support team that checks on you to ensure that you are comfortable with your new pool. Our "people-first" attitude ensures that we convert every customer into a loyal one.

Modern Tools

Our company uses the latest swimming pool design software. Our designers are always updated with the recent pool designs and styles plus water features. When building the pool, we also incorporated modern building technologies. We use excavators to dig the land. In addition, we use the best tiles and stones to finish off your pool. We also design the immediate area around the pool to make sure that you have the best scenery as you enjoy your swimming activities.

Adherence to Safety

When we start building your pool, we erect a fence around the area to prevent people, kids, and pets from falling inside. As we build, we incorporate pool lights since they prevent ordinary accidents. Our electric installation is done well to avoid faulty wiring. When you have children and pets, we also install a safety cover that prevents common drowning accidents. Your safety and that of your family members are our number one concern.

Timely Services

Once you have a problem with your swimming pool or spa, you only need to give us a call. Our contractors are available around the clock and always ready to service your pool. They are reliable and fast to come to your home to solve the problem. We also have a pool servicing and maintenance chart which ensures that our pools will serve you long. If you need to change your pool features, you only need to drop us a message or give us a call. We are here to offer you the best quality of service.

Image of LED lighting in a fountain by a Pool builder Sellersburg IN

Our Services

Pool Installation

We build underground, ground, and off-the-ground pools. We use materials such as steel and gunite to ensure that you have the most durable pool.

Water features

We add water features to your pool such as water slides, to ensure that your and your family enjoy the pool. Other features that we include are waterfalls that shoot down water to your body.

Deck Jets

We build deck jets that will fascinate your swimming pool users. When you combine deck jets and beautiful and well-installed LED lights, the swimming pool becomes one of the best places for your kids.

Tanning Ledge

Do you need to bask in the hot sun while half-submerged in the water? The tanning ledge or Baja bench near the pool’s entrance is the most ideal feature that will help you enjoy your swimming pool time. You can even lie flat on the tanning ledge and let the sun burn your back.

Pool LED Lighting

When we build your pool, you can choose the kind of lighting that you need. We offer a wide array of lighting services to ensure that you can swim at any time of the day or night.

Sheer Descents

Our professional contractors build the best and most well-designed sheer descents. We use technology to make different configurations that are exciting to the swimmer. These features make your pool look elegant and beautiful. We can also use configurations that make soothing sounds for the swimmer.

Reach out to us

When you want to build a modern pool with the best features such as LED lights, you need to contact Wetscapes Fibreglass Pools in Sellersburg, Indiana. Our company has professional contractors who are experienced in designing excellent swimming pools. We deliver cost-effective services on time.

We have good customer care services and can complete your project on time. Our licensed professionals have been designing and building the best spas and swimming pools in Indiana for more than ten years. We promise you that our company is the best pool builder in Sellersburg, In. You can give us a call and request a free consultation. Alternatively, you can follow us on our social media page and leave a comment. We follow-up on all comments left by our followers.

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