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Fire Features

At Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools, we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our exceptional range of fire features that will take your pool area to the next level.

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Pool fire features are a great way to make your home pool standout. They are also a great way to add ambiance and warmth to your backyard pool. Some fire features you may want to add with your custom pool build are fire bowls, fire pits, and fire tables. 

These fire features can be located in or around your pool.

From stunning fire pits that add versatility to your outdoor space, to cozy fire bowls that create a warm and inviting ambiance, our collection of fire features is designed to enhance the elegance and aesthetic appeal of your pool area.

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The Versatility of Fire Pit

Fire pits are incredibly versatile additions to any pool area, providing a warm and inviting centerpiece for relaxation and social gatherings. They aren't only functional but also enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the pool area. With a fire pit, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that extends the usability of the pool area beyond daylight hours. Imagine sitting around the fire pit with friends and family, enjoying the warmth and comfort during cooler evenings. It becomes a focal point and adds visual interest to the pool design.

There are different types of fire pits available for pools, including fire bowls or fire pits, fireplaces or fire walls, fire bowls integrated into water features, fire torches or fire columns, and fire tables or fire lounges. Depending on your preferences and the design of your pool area, you can choose the fire pit that suits your style.

When installing fire pits, safety considerations are paramount. It's essential to install them at a safe distance from the pool edge and use non-combustible materials for construction. Proper ventilation and clearance should be ensured, and safety barriers or screens should be installed to prevent accidental contact with the flames. Following local building codes and regulations is crucial.

Incorporating Fire Features Into Pool Designs

After exploring the elegance and allure of fire and water features in pool areas, it's now time to discuss how to incorporate these captivating fire features into pool designs.

When it comes to incorporating fire features into pool designs, there are several options to consider.

- Fire bowls or fire pits can be strategically placed around the pool area to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.

- Fireplaces or fire walls can be built into the pool design, adding a focal point and visual interest.

- Another option is to integrate fire bowls into water features, combining the soothing effects of water with the warmth of fire.

- Fire torches or fire columns can be used to line the pool area, providing both light and ambiance.

- Finally, fire tables or fire lounges can be incorporated into the pool design, allowing for a comfortable space to gather around the fire.

When incorporating fire features into pool designs, it's important to ensure safety.

- Install fire features at a safe distance from the pool edge, use non-combustible materials for construction, and follow local building codes and regulations.

- Regular maintenance and care, such as cleaning and inspecting the fire feature, is also necessary to ensure its longevity and functionality.

At Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools, we take pride in providing the highest quality fire features for your pool area. From fire pits and tables to fire bowls and water features, we strive to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond just products, as we prioritize attention to detail and treat our clients like family. With our reliable and professional service, we're dedicated to bringing your dream outdoor space to life.

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