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The purpose of BAHAY SIBOL is referenced in its name, whose closest English translation is SPROUT. It is an imperative statement to the church to spring forth out of the dirt and darkness around it, and to grow in the way the world needs to witness; growing out of itself to become a viable minister of hope to the non-Christian community. It is also a noun meaning ‘sprout’ or ‘shoot’. BAHAY SIBOL will start as a “seed”, a desire born out of the echoes of Christ’s love for the church, and through it, the world. This ‘seed’ will figuratively break through the ‘ground’ of the sure foundations built around the church body and an honorable heritage found in the church. Ultimately, BAHAY SIBOL will become a visible symbol of the glory of Christ, His love and compassion for this world, and the union of Christ and His church.

BAHAY SIBOL will be a home run by the local churches for the benefit of the community in meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It also aims to benefit the members of the local churches as an opportunity for the ministry of the Gospel; a complement to their Christian testimony, and a supplementary life-goal in the active pursuit of a pure, Christian lifestyle. The government and authority, however, will be shared by leaders of the local church community, foreign missionaries and churches from abroad who choose to be a part of the project. This will all be done through much prayer and the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Bahay Sibol exists to nurture hope in the hearts and lives of hurting children by offering a Christ-centered, love-based, felt-safety home and family where physical, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed through the love of God and His servants.


Bahay Sibol will endeavor to be a home and family to orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children while working to introduce them to safe, loving, permanent homes. Bahay Sibol will endeavor to provide basic needs for a life of hope and direction: sufficient food, shelter, and clothing, a high-quality education based on Christian beliefs, Bible-based discipline and mentoring towards good character and a lifestyle of integrity.

Bahay Sibol will endeavor to provide a family and home atmosphere, while working towards stabilizing a future family for each child; may it be through reunification, kinship placements, or adoption. As is needed, Bahay Sibol will endeavor to be a supportive home and family, far into their future as independent adults who have been equipped and are ready to have families of their own. In doing so, we desire to raise up God-fearing adults who are compassionate members of their community that, together with their families, love God, each other and their community with their whole mind, body, and souls.


Our overall goal for each child is preparation for life. That preparation will look different for every child, based on their unique situation, which will be specifically addressed for each individual child. For the sake of the organization in general, however, we have the following goals:

To build a home that consists of facilities and resources that house, protect, and provide for the basic needs for life, including but not limited to: food, shelter, clothing, education, physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual growth.
To surround children with a set of ‘family’ members who will nurture, guide, protect and provide emotionally stability to each child under their care as joy is cultivated through a sense of genuine love and belonging.
To exhaust all efforts and resources available to unite or reunite each child with a family of their very own; whether it be through reunification, kinship placement, or adoption.
To establish such a familial bond with each child, such that as is needed, they have the confidence to depend on our family for love, support and connection throughout their lives as independent adults.

Meeting the Goals:

In order to accomplish the major goals stated, Bahay Sibol must establish a strong base of financial and administrative support. This will continue to happen as long as we maintain two basic factors:

1. Maintenance of Bahay Sibol as a locally governed, legally approved institution, and;

2. Sustenance of Bahay Sibol through the partnership of local entities, as well as, churches, friends, businesses, organizations and churches abroad.

To date, we thank God and are grateful that those two things have indeed happened and that we are continually working toward improvement in every way possible to meet the 4 major goals, to continually improve in our love and service to the children of Bahay Sibol.

Since October of 2015, 55 children have become members of the Bahay Sibol family. We are grateful for the 9 reunifications that were facilitated. It has been our honor and joy to see 4 of the children meet and join their forever families through adoption. We currently (as of September 2020) have 28 children under our care.

God has been so good to us, meeting every need. We are especially thankful for the wisdom, expansion of love and empathy that He provides with each new admission. We know He has great plans for each and every Sibol kid and it is our honor to have a small part in that. To get down the basics and details of the manual of operations, let us begin with our objectives.


1. To rescue orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children.

2. To provide the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and education to those who have no one to care for them; until such time that they can be placed in a home of their very own.

3. To supply the emotional and psychological care needed for children to overcome issues of abuse, neglect and abandonment before becoming adults.

4. To raise children in homes that stress the value of good character, hard work and love for their fellow man.

5. To bring children to a knowledge of the salvation of Jesus Christ through faith in Him alone.

6. To guide children in living a life that brings honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, that they too might become servants for Him, surrendering their lives completely to Him.


To learn more about how you can support this incredible ministry, or to make a donation, please email us at  God Bless!

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