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We're talking about Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools, a premier pool provider in Floyds Knobs, IN. They've got an impressive array of offerings, from feature-rich pools to attractive outdoor structures and stamped concrete options. Imagine a backyard transformed into a luxurious oasis, complete with cascading waterfalls, tanning ledges, and even hot tubs. But it doesn't stop there. Their outdoor structures and patios offer durability and style. Intrigued? There's much more to explore.
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Let's talk about what makes our pools stand out. We're not just about the pool itself, but the entire experience, from the vibrant colors to the soothing water features. And don't forget the added luxury of fireplaces, hot tubs & spas, and tanning ledges.
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Have you considered the impact of color on your pool's overall aesthetics? The color of your pool can significantly influence its appearance, and it's an aspect we take seriously at Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools. In Floyds Knobs, IN, we provide an extensive range of hues to suit your style and enhance your backyard's ambiance. Our fiberglass pools come in a variety of colors, from classic blues that mirror the sky to elegant greys that impart a modern touch.

If you're seeking a naturalistic look, we've got earthy tones that blend seamlessly with your landscape. We're even equipped with sophisticated dark shades for those who desire a lagoon-like feel.
But it's not just about aesthetics. Our high-quality pool colors are designed to resist fading and weathering, ensuring your pool retains its beauty throughout the years. They also influence the pool's temperature; darker colors absorb more heat, meaning a warmer pool. Ultimately, the choice of color sets the tone for your overall pool experience.

We're here to guide you in making a decision that complements your style, matches your landscape, and fulfills your dreams of a perfect pool.

Water Features

Diving into the world of water features, we at Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools in Floyds Knobs, IN, offer an array of options to elevate your pool experience. Our water features aren't merely functional; they're designed to add a touch of luxury and ambiance to your outdoor space. We're talking cascading waterfalls, serene spouts, and playful fountains, each customizable to match your taste and landscape.

Water features can transform an ordinary pool into an extraordinary oasis. Imagine the relaxing sound of water trickling down a custom-built waterfall as you take a dip on a hot summer day. Or how about illuminated streams of water that dance across your pool surface as the sun sets? Sounds idyllic, right? That's the magic of water features.

But our service doesn't stop at installation. We're committed to ensuring your water features maintain their appeal and function. We'll guide you on proper maintenance and troubleshooting, keeping your pool in top condition.

At Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools, we believe in creating an immersive pool experience, and our water features are the cherry on top. So, dive in and let's create your dream aquatic retreat.

Fire Places

Adding a dash of warmth and elegance to your pool area, we at Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools install custom fireplaces that transform your swimming pool into a cozy retreat. Our fireplaces not only serve as a stunning centerpiece but also extend the usability of your pool into the cooler months, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

Our expert team works with you to design and create a fireplace that complements your pool and enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. We offer a range of styles and sizes, from classic to contemporary, ensuring your new fireplace seamlessly blends with your existing landscape.
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We use top-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our fireplaces are designed to withstand the elements, requiring minimal maintenance for years of enjoyment.

Safety is our top priority. We ensure every fireplace we install adheres to the highest safety standards, so you can relax and enjoy the warm glow with peace of mind.

With a Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools' fireplace, you're not just adding a feature to your pool area, you're creating an inviting space where memories are made. Trust us to bring a touch of luxury to your backyard oasis.

Hot Tubs & Spas

Beyond our custom fireplaces, we also specialize in the design and installation of hot tubs and spas to add a luxurious touch to your pool area. We believe that a well-placed hot tub or spa can transform your pool space into a personal wellness retreat.

1. Hydrotherapy Benefits: Our high-quality hot tubs offer the perfect setting for hydrotherapy. Warm water and jet streams work together to soothe muscles, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

2. Year-Round Enjoyment: Unlike pools, hot tubs and spas can be enjoyed throughout the year. Whether it's a chilly winter night or a cool summer evening, a hot tub provides a warm oasis for relaxation.

3. Enhanced Pool Area: A strategically placed hot tub or spa can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. It acts as a focal point, adding an element of luxury and sophistication.

We're committed to providing a seamless installation process, ensuring that your hot tub or spa integrates perfectly into your existing or new pool design. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury in your backyard with our top-tier hot tubs and spas.
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Tanning Ledges

For those sun-lovers among our clients, we offer the addition of tanning ledges to our pool designs. These shallow, flat ledges allow you to lounge in the sun while staying cool in the water. They're a fantastic feature for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We've seen a rise in popularity for tanning ledges because of their versatile use. Not only are they perfect for adults to catch some rays, they also serve as a perfect play area for kids. Since they're only a few inches deep, children can safely play under your watchful eye.
In addition, our tanning ledges are designed to seamlessly blend with your pool, making your backyard look even more glamorous. If you've got pets, they too can enjoy the ledge as a comfortable spot to cool down.

Our tanning ledges can be customized in size, shape, and finish to match your style. We also offer optional additions like umbrella holders and ledge loungers for added comfort.

With a tanning ledge, we're confident you'll enjoy your pool to the fullest. It's the ultimate luxury to elevate your pool experience.


We believe nothing amplifies the tranquility of your pool quite like the soothing sound of a waterfall. The gentle cascade of water not only offers a sense of calm but also adds a stunning visual element to your pool.

At Wetscapes, we're experts in integrating these beautiful features into our fiberglass pools.

Waterfalls come in various designs that can truly elevate your pool experience. From subtle, zen-like trickles to grand, resort-style cascades, we're able to create the perfect match for your pool aesthetic.

Not only do they look fantastic, but they also serve a practical function by helping circulate the water, which can contribute to a healthier and cleaner pool.

1. Sheer Waterfalls: These provide a thin sheet of water, creating a sleek and modern look.

2. Rock Waterfalls: These give a more natural look, mimicking a real waterfall.

3. Grotto Waterfalls: These are often paired with a cave or alcove, adding a sense of adventure to your pool.

Whichever style you choose, we're here to ensure your waterfall seamlessly blends with your pool, enhancing your backyard oasis in Floyds Knobs.


Adding a slide to your pool can elevate the fun and excitement in your backyard oasis. It's not just about swimming anymore, slides introduce a new level of entertainment. They're a hit with kids, making pool time more enjoyable and inviting. But don't think they're just for the young ones, adults can join in the fun too!

Choosing the perfect slide requires considering several factors. Safety is paramount, that's why we recommend slides with non-slip steps and grip handles. The slide's size and design should also match the space and depth of your pool. We provide a variety of slides that can cater to different styles and sizes of pools.

Installation is a breeze with our professional team. We'll ensure your slide is securely anchored and properly positioned for safe and fun use. Regular inspection and maintenance are also part of our service, to keep your slide in top condition.


Let's not forget about hardscapes in our backyard transformation. Pavilions and pergolas can add charm and provide shade, while a pool house offers a convenient place for changing and storage. These elements can enhance your pool experience and provide additional functionalities to your outdoor space.

Pavillions & Pergolas

Beyond the pool itself, our team excels in creating personalized outdoor spaces, including the design and construction of stunning pavilions and pergolas. These structures not only add aesthetic appeal but also provide shaded areas for relaxation or social gatherings.

Pavilions and pergolas are perfect additions to any backyard setting. They enhance the functional value of your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions. Whether you're hosting a party or just enjoying a quiet evening with family, these structures provide the perfect backdrop.
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1. Design: Our team designs each pavilion and pergola to fit seamlessly into your outdoor space, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

2. Construction: We use high-quality materials for durability and longevity. Our experienced team ensures an efficient and seamless construction process.

3. Personalization: We understand that every backyard is unique. Hence, we offer a range of personalization options to make each structure truly yours.

In our hands, your backyard transforms into a beautiful oasis. We're not just building structures; we're creating spaces for memories.

Pool Houses

While pavilions and pergolas offer a charming touch to your backyard, pool houses elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level of luxury and convenience. They're not just a place to change clothes or take a break from the sun, they can serve multiple purposes, enhancing your poolside experience.

We specialize in designing and building custom pool houses that blend seamlessly with your landscape. Whether you're envisioning a simple enclosure or a lavish retreat complete with a kitchen and lounging area, we'll work with you to make it a reality. Our team is skilled at incorporating features like outdoor showers, restrooms, and even built-in barbeque stations.

But we don't stop at aesthetics. We ensure your pool house is built to last, using durable, high-quality materials resistant to weather and wear. We also take care of the technicalities, from proper insulation for year-round use to plumbing and electrical installations.

In Floyds Knobs, IN, we're the trusted choice for pool houses. We believe in transforming your outdoor space into your private oasis, where you can unwind, entertain, and create lasting memories. Choosing us means choosing excellent craftsmanship, personalized service, and a pool house that's uniquely yours.


Let's move on to another crucial aspect of your outdoor space - patios. We're talking about transforming your patio with stamped concrete, a versatile and durable option. We can't wait to share how this can elevate your backyard aesthetic and functionality.
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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete patios, an integral part of our backyard transformations, offer an appealing, durable, and low maintenance option for your outdoor space. We love how they add a touch of sophistication to any setting, and we're sure you'd agree!

Our stamped concrete patios aren't just about aesthetics. They're also about functionality and longevity. These patios are designed to withstand the test of time, enduring harsh weather conditions while maintaining their charm.

But what makes stamped concrete patios truly special? Here's a quick rundown:
1. Versatility: With various colors, patterns, and textures available, stamped concrete patios can mimic the look of other materials like brick, stone, or wood.

2. Durability: They're robust and resistant to wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic outdoor areas.

3. Low Maintenance: Unlike other patio materials, stamped concrete requires minimal upkeep. A simple sweep or hose down is typically all it needs.

We're not just installing a patio; we're creating a space where memories are made. So, why not invest in a patio that lasts? With our stamped concrete patios, you get both: an exquisite design and a durable surface.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Let's now turn our attention to outdoor living spaces, a significant aspect of creating your ideal backyard oasis. Our expertise extends beyond pools to include the design and installation of outdoor kitchens, adding a practical yet luxurious element to your alfresco lifestyle.

Complementing these kitchens, we also offer outdoor lighting and sound systems for that perfect ambiance.
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Outdoor Kitchens

Often, our clients choose to enhance their outdoor living spaces with fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, adding both functionality and value to their homes. These spaces become the heart of the backyard, where families gather for meals, celebrations, and casual get-togethers.

To ensure each kitchen fits the homeowner's lifestyle and preferences, we customize each design with their input.

Here's what you can expect when you work with us:

1. Personalized Design: We take into account your cooking habits, entertaining style, and aesthetic preferences to create a kitchen that's uniquely yours.

2. Quality Construction: Our team uses durable materials designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor kitchen lasts for years to come.

3. Functional Layout: We plan your kitchen with efficiency in mind, from strategic placement of appliances to ample prep space.

We'll guide you through every step of the process, from initial design to final installation, ensuring your outdoor kitchen becomes a cherished addition to your home.

Outdoor Lighting & Sound

Beyond the sizzle of an outdoor kitchen, we also bring your backyard to life with carefully designed outdoor lighting and sound systems. We don't just dabble in lights and sound, we're experts.

Our team can design a customized lighting plan that not only illuminates your space but also enhances its beauty. We're talking about strategic placement of lights to highlight architectural features, create a warm ambiance, and ensure safety.

And then there's sound. We believe that the right audio can elevate any outdoor experience. Whether you're hosting an alfresco soiree or simply relaxing by the pool, we'll install a sound system that hits all the right notes. We're talking about crisp, clear audio that's evenly distributed, so whether you're grilling steaks or taking a dip, you won't miss a beat.

But it's not just about aesthetics and entertainment. We're also committed to ensuring our systems are durable, easy to use, and energy-efficient. Simply put, we take outdoor lighting and sound to the next level. Because at Wetscapes, we believe your backyard should be every bit as inviting and enjoyable as the rest of your home.

At Wetscapes Fiberglass Pools, we're committed to enhancing your outdoor living spaces in Floyds Knobs, IN. We offer a wide range of features from luxurious waterfalls to functional hot tubs. Our outdoor structures and stamped concrete options are designed with quality and style in mind. Let's transform your patio into a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing surface.

Choose us to create your dream pool oasis.
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